The Bill Evans Arranging System

Specialty Course

Learn how to arrange ANY tune using a clear, step-by-step 4-note, 5-note, and free style, arranging system to produce a Bill Evans sound and atmosphere anytime you want!

Presented & Created By Dr. Joe Gilman & Brenden Lowe

When You Finish This Course You'll Have A Proven System To Create A

Bill Evans Sound,

over any tune you want using and easy & clear, 4 or 5 note two-hand arranging style,

...That allows you to stop feeling insecure, doubtful, and embarrassed about how you play, arrange and approach all jazz standards. With this Bill Evans Arranging System you'll be able to achieve a beautiful, lush, well balanced "Bill Evans" sound anytime you want without fail!

Having jazz piano knowledge and actually PLAYING a jazz standard so it sounds like you know what you're doing are two entirely different things! 


Trust me I know...


For years I WASTED countless hours learning licks on youtube, learning & copying arrangements of tunes from transcriptions, and hacking away with no real guidance or direction.


I knew tons of chords, licks, voicings but guess how many tunes I ACTUALLY knew?


3 Tunes. 


Beautiful Love, If I Were A Bell and Yesterdays.


And I only could play them with a decent sound because I had COPIED what my teacher had showed me! 


If I opened up to a jazz standard in a real book, I had NO IDEA, how to play them or arrange them amongst my hands so they would come out sounding like I knew what I was doing.


In was QUITE the opposite. 


Every tune I played sounded like crap. 


Sure I could play tunes, but something was MISSING! 


And the worst part was I didn't know what it was. 


All I wanted was someone to tell me...


"Here, this is a simple, clear cut system to arrange any tune between your hands. Follow this and you'll get an AMAZING sound every time."


Was I dreaming? 


Did this actually exist? 


I mean wouldn't that be nice?


A no non-sense, easy and clear system that gives us a balanced, beautiful and rich jazz piano sound, EVEN when we flip to a BRAND NEW standard.


The fact is...

It does exist! There is ACTUALLY a proven system you can follow to easily and quickly arrange tunes to achieve an incredible jazz piano sound every time. 

Now you may be thinking,...


"Okay Brenden, now you're talking about unicorns and leprechauns."


And when I spoke with Dr. Joe Gilman, pianist with Bobby Hutcherson for many years, I thought the exact same thing.


And it became even more UNBELIEVABLE when he said based on his easy and clear system the sound you would achieve would closely resemble the atmosphere and style of the great...


wait for it...






Now he was putting me on.


But I took a second and thought to myself.


Maybe there was a more systematic way to work through the arranging process of a tune...


And what if this could be broken down into a process?


I had to check out what this was about!


I thought about all the things students struggle with when attempting to play a jazz standard so they actually feel HAPPY and SATISFIED because it SOUNDS GOOD!


What were the hardest aspects of opening up to a new tune and being able to instantly create a beautiful sounding arrangement on the spot?



  • How do you take the simple melody and chords symbols a real book gives you and transform that into a BEAUTIFUL, luscious piece of music?
  • How and where do you add extensions and color tones while not interfering with the melody and chords?
  • What do I play to get a rich, well balanced jazz sound when the music only gives me the melody and chord symbols?
  • How do I arrange the notes between my two hands, when I'm in a low, middle or high register of the piano?
  • How do I make it tune swing when the chords and melody are written in mostly quarter notes for the entire tune?
  • Is there a way for me to quickly and easily produce a lush jazz sound just like I hear being played on the albums? 
  • There are so many freakin notes on the piano, how do I know which ones to use and which ones not to use to get a sound I'm happy with and enjoy?

and so many, so many more...


These are the questions EVERY jazz piano student asks themselves at one point or another while learning how to play jazz tunes.


And unfortunately, in order to reach the level you want... have to KNOW the answers to all those questions.


Do you? 


Just like my past self...most likely you do not.


But I have good news.


Fortunately, that's exactly why Jazz Piano School and Dr. Joe Gilman have teamed up.


So that you DO KNOW the answers to all those questions and more importantly...


Can EXECUTE them on the piano in your playing as well!


If you're interested in learning how to quickly & easily, arrange ANY jazz standard on the spot in order to achieve a BILL EVANS like sound and atmosphere....


...then this BRAND NEW COURSE is for you!



Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"

(Here's why you're going to need this course.)

Let's face it: Jazz piano PROFESSIONALS are a dime a dozen.


So how do you become a "doer", and not a "talker"?


That's the problem!


We all have the CAPACITY to learn the necessary details to reach our goals and accomplish our jazz piano dreams but...


...the last step of taking action...pushing through your fear, overcoming your doubts, and taking control of your dream is UP TO YOU!


You see all of us go through this...even us at Jazz Piano School, but you see even after we COMMITTED to pursuing our dreams...there was no plan, no step-by-step education to get us there.


That's exactly WHY we created this specialty course! 


To give you that systematic plan that will allow you to sit down and quickly knock out beautiful, Bill Evans esque, arrangements of any tune.


To give you the step-by-step road map, so you can easily sit down every day and know exactly WHAT & HOW to play all the jazz standards you want!


And last but most importantly we created this course so you could feel HAPPY.


Because we know that AMAZING HAPPY feeling that comes from being successful at this amazing craft.


It's the ability to create this gorgeous music that gives us a true inner feeling of JOY!


But let's face it...


It's hard to feel happy and joyous when you sit down at the piano and have no freaking clue how to play a tune, or get the sound you want! 


That's when the frustration, anger, doubt, embarrassment and "I'm not good enough" feelings come creeping in.




We wanted to REMOVE as many road blocks from your journey as possible because...


...we know what it's like to have your mind jump in the way and say "no you can't do this" or, "this isn't going to work for me".


So in short...if we can give you the BEST, the CLEAREST, PLAN to follow...then all you have to right now is simply take that one extra step on your own. 


It's all available for you right now...take control of your dreams and get it.


Play any tune you want with a beautiful & lush sound today!

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The Bill Evans Arranging System

Specialty Course

  • Taught By Dr. Joe Gilman
  • 4-Note Arranging Style
  • 5-Note Arranging Style
  • 5 Note Free Style
  • Bill Evans Advanced Harmonies, Inner Movements and Voicings
  • Unlimited Tickets For Help
  • Access To Private JPS Community
  • Dr. Joe Gilman's Arrangements & Leadsheets
  • Lifetime Access


Dr. Joe Gilman

Dr. Joe Gilman is a full-time professor of music at American River College in Sacramento, an adjunct professor of jazz studies at CSU Sacramento, and a longtime associate of the Brubeck Institute and the Stanford Jazz Workshop. He has received bachelor's degrees in classical piano and jazz studies at Indiana University, a master's degree in jazz and the contemporary media from the Eastman School of Music, and a doctoral degree in education from the University of Sarasota.


Joe has been the primary pianist with jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson since September 2006, and the Sacramento Jazz Orchestra since 2010. He has also performed professionally with Eddie Harris, Woody Shaw, Marlena Shaw, Richie Cole, Joe Locke, George Duke, Chris Botti, Eric Alexander, Anthony Wilson, Nicholas Payton, Russell Malone, Charles McPherson, Wycliffe Gordon, David "Fathead" Newman, and Slide Hampton, and has recorded with Joe Henderson, Bobby Hutcherson, Frank Morgan, Jeff Watts, Robert Hurst, Tootie Heath, and Larry Grenadier.


Dr. Gilman has twice been an International Jazz Ambassador through the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and USIA, traveling to West Africa in 1999 and East and Southern Africa in 2000.







Who Should Buy This Specialty Course?

-Anyone who wants to improve their "jazz sound" when playing tunes.

-Anyone who doesn't know how to take a melody and chords of a jazz standard and turn them into something more.

-Anyone who wants a detailed and specific arranging system that can be used over ANY TUNE.

-Anyone who wants their playing to resemble the beautiful atmosphere and elegant sound of Bill Evans. 

-Anyone who needs help knowing how to split up the notes in a chord among their two hands to create a balanced arrangement of a tune.  

-Anyone NEW to jazz piano that needs a place to start.

-Anyone who doesn't know when, where, and how to incorporate extensions and color tones into their playing.

-Anyone looking to excel in all areas of jazz and jazz piano playing. 

The Bill Evans Arranging System

Course Details

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about the nuances and specific details of vocal accompaniment that will allow you to play with any type of vocalist over any style or tempo and sound like a pro!

Part 1: Arranging System

Taught By Dr. Joe Gilman

Lesson 1:

Introduction To "No Hidewaway" & Leadsheet Walkthrough ($297 value)

Dr. Joe Gilman walks you a lead sheet with a new melody he created using the chords from "My Romance" in order to teach you the essential art of two-hand arranging in the Bill Evans style. 

Lesson 2:

The 4-Note Arranging Style Process ($297 value)

Learn the simple, easy and clear step by step process to creating a 4 note arrangement of any tune that closely resembles the beautiful sound of the great Bill Evans.

Lesson 3:

The 5-Note Arranging Style Process

($297 value)

Take your arranging one step further by adding extensions and color tones to create a beautiful and luscious 5 note arrangement that can be tweaked and adjusted based on what YOU want to express at any time!

Lesson 4:

The 5 Note Free Style Arranging Process 

($297 value)

Learn how to add syncopation and "feathering" of the chords and melodies during the arranging process to give the tune a Bill Evans like swing feel and bring it life!

Part 2: Bill Evans Advanced Harmonies & Voicings

Taught By Brenden Lowe (Owner & Creator of Jazz Piano School)

Lesson 1:

The Bill Evans Style 

($297 value)

Learn what specific elements actually create the "Bill Evans Sound". Get the main concepts that will allow you to create atmospheres and textures like Bill.

Lesson 2:

Bill's LH Style Components

($297 value)

The LH of Bill Evan's is incredible to say the least. Watch and learn as we break down all of Bill's runs, movements, and methods, so you can implement the building blocks into your own playing. 

Lesson 3:

Bill's RH Style Components

($297 value)

Bill's RH was a powerhouse. Learn about the harmonization techniques he would use in chords, melodies, and combinations through out tunes so you can create the same ambiance with your right hand. 

Lesson 4:

Bill's Voicings

($297 value)

Bill was a very well known for his amazing voicing concepts. In this lesson we break down Bills, small cluster voicings, medium balanced voicings, and large spread voicings so you know exactly what he was doing and how to replicate them in your playing. 


We also dive into Bill's most FAVORITE voicings that he used frequently in all tunes. 

Lesson 5:

Bill's Harmonic Movements

($297 value)

This lesson could arguably be the most important. Learn all the advanced reharm tricks and strategies Bill loved to implement all the time into his playing. It's with these specific reharms he was able to create such gorgeous, flowy, and stunning atmospheres of jazz that became his own style. 


These reharms are a DEFINITE must know for any aspiring jazz pianist. 

Lesson 6:

Combining Components In A Tune

($297 value)

Finally we wrap up everything by combining ALL OF the methods, strategies, and components into tunes so you can learn how to pick and choose the elements you want for certain sounds. 


Or simply just use them all! :)


4 - Must Know Reharms


Learn The 4 Essential Reharms Needed To Switch Harmonies, Improvise Changes, And Create New Chords For Melodies 

($197 value)

Total Bill Evans Course Value = $1,385

Why Should You Get This Specialty Course?

If you are a beginner student of jazz piano or completely brand new...

...this specialty course will set you apart from the pack.


Unlike most jazz piano courses that consist of a ridiculous amount of scales, chords, and theory knowledge...


...this course cuts right to the core of the EXACT steps to take to play any tune and achieve a true jazz sound.


You will have the secret sauce that will literally allow you to take any spot in a tune, any chord, and melody, and KNOW precisely where in your hands to place EVERY essential note in the chord and melody to create a balanced and beautiful sound every time.


This will allow for you to finally feel INSPIRED, HAPPY, CONFIDENT, SATISFIED every time you sit down at the piano to play jazz.


Rather than feeling frustrated, doubtful, and unhappy you're not playing the way you want.


The great thing is that Dr. Joe Gilman has held absolutely nothing back in this course.


The systems and strategies, included in this course cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be found anywhere else!


That is because it's one if it's kind.  


It is the secret ingredient behind quickly and instantly arranging any tune to achieve a beautiful, lush Bill Evans type of sound out of any tune you flip to in a Fake Book.


So if you want to...

  • Quickly & Easily create jazz piano arrangements of any tune on the spot.
  • Follow a proven, systematic process for arranging the melody and chords that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  • Achieve a Bill Evans esque sound from your playing, while incorporating extensions and colors of your own self expression.

...then this specialty course is for you.



If you already possess the knowledge and skill to play jazz standards...

...maybe you don't need this specialty course but...


...I'd HIGHLY recommend having this education in your tool box because everyone, yes EVERYONE can benefit from the information contained in this course by Dr. Joe Gilman. 


Bill Evans was all about taking a systematic approach to playing jazz tunes, not just a general guess at where to place notes.


He wanted to know exactly how, where and when to place every note, on every measure of every chord.


His theory behind this was the more precise and confident about the placement of your notes you can be, the more control you will have over the exact self-expression you want to achieve. 


Makes complete sense doesn't it?


But let me ask you this?


Do you know exactly how and why you are playing the notes you are over certain chords and melodies?


Do you know why you are playing a certain note in your LH and not your RH?


Do you know exactly how to integrate extensions into the chord without screwing up the balance of the harmonies? 


Do you have clear intention about exactly how to arrange the structure of every chord and melody from the bass note up and everything in between?


Whether you're teetering on the edge of purchasing this course or not...


...the fact is, if you answered NO to any of these questions...


...then you ABSOLUTELY need this course in your toolbox.


Wouldn't you rather feel prepared, confident, and secure knowing you can sit down at the piano, flip to any tune, and start to effortlessly play the beautiful sounding jazz music you've enjoyed listening to on albums? 


I think we know the answer.



Get The Bill Evans Arranging System  Start Implementing His Inner Movements, Harmonies & Voicings Today!



What You'll Get

When you purchase today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • The education of Dr. Joe Gilman
  • The 4 Note Style Arranging Process
  • The 5 Note Style Arranging Process
  • The 5 Note Free Style Arranging Process
  • All of Dr.Joe Gilman's Arrangements on his tune "No Hideaway"
  • Access To The Private JPS Community
  • Unlimited Help & Support Tickets
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bill's Advanced Inner Harmonies, Movements, & Voicings
  • BONUS ACCESS - The JPS Mini Course "4 Must Know Reharms"

 Course Details:

Price: $297

Level: For All Levels

Setting: Online

Expected Completion Time: 1-2 Weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - What is a Specialty Course?

ANSWER: Here at Jazz Piano School we have three main products. 


#1 - Our Main Curriculum (our ultimate jazz piano roadmap)

#2 - Specialty Courses (focused education on a specific topic)

#3 - Lab Area & Mini-Courses (Quick 3-5 day education)

.Our specialty courses contain more information on specific topics that required more attention and detail. 


Such as accompanying vocalists, or solo piano, and in this case The Bill Evans Arranging System.


With these courses we go deeper into the education and give you more nuances, techniques, methods and strategies to ensure you master the specific topic.

#2 - Is there a guarantee?

.ANSWER: Yep...all of our training's have a 30-day, no-questions asked guarantee.


In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.


You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

#3 - Do I have to pay again? How long do I have access for?

.ANSWER: You will have lifetime access to this course. 


Once you purchase, you can access this course for the rest of your life and also ask us questions whenever you want.


You will never have to pay again for this course although we have other products and services that compliment this education very well you may want to add on in the future.

#4 - How long will it take to get access?

.ANSWER: Immediate.  


You'll be able to create your account to access your newly purchased Specialty Course after your order is complete. You'll have access to the Specialty Course forever.

#5 - Do I have to go through the whole course? Can I jump around?

.ANSWER: The beauty of this course is you can jump around to any part you want! 


This is not a "DRIP" style course, meaning you do not have to move through the material to UNLOCK more material.


If you're interested in skipping around based on the content that is completely up to you. 

Jazz Piano School Is Different

Yes there are other jazz piano websites and education on the internet, but Jazz Piano School is unique because it was specifically built to solve a common problem among jazz students. That problem is lack of structured, organized, and step-by-step jazz education that provides us with clear details and practice exercises so we know exactly what to do in order to get better and accomplish our dream. 


We've wasted 15 years, jumping around youtube videos, switching teachers, guessing, doubting, feeling frustrated, embarrassed, insecure, and crappy because of the way jazz education is taught. 


In other words, we've been in the trenches so you don't have to! Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, systematic, easy to follow education and courses so you can quickly and efficiently apply what you're learning and start seeing results immediately! If this sounds appealing then you welcome! You've found your home. :)

...and if all that wasn't enough...

Here's What You're About To Discover...

  • How to voice your hands PERFECTLY every time to create solid, rich, balanced sound every time.
  • How to make sure you're playing in the correct register with the correct voicings no matter what the chord is or where the melody happens to be.
  • An exact system to create a Bill Evans sound that can be instantly replicated and used over any jazz standard of your choice. 
  • The 4 MOST crucial elements you need from the bass note up over any chord and melody in a tune.
  • The 5 Step System to creating a fully balanced two-hand spread voicing over any chord that incorporates extensions and color tones or YOUR choice.
  • Which setups and hand positions work best with 1+7, 1+3 and more...and WHEN they belong in certain registers only!
  • How to master the art of playing "freestyle" using a 5-note arranging system that instantly creates a Bill Evans esque sound.
  • The 4 different setups you must master in order to ensure your playing sounds professional every time. 
  • How to look at a tune once and know exactly how to arrange all the essential notes amongst your hands in the CORRECT order. 

The Bill Evans Arranging Systemâ„¢

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