The Solo Piano System

Specialty Course

Learn how to open up to any tune, and know exactly what to do with both your hands to create rich, lush, color filled, two-hand arrangements that contain extensions you've chosen directly on the spot without guessing...


(all without continuously asking the frustrating question of

"How do I voice the melody and chords between my two hands here?")

When You Finish This Course You'll Have A Proven Plan For


Solo Jazz Piano Playing

...That allows you to instantly create beautiful, two-hand arrangements on the spot, master all tempos and stylistic elements with specific and systematic approaches, and finally feel confident about adding your OWN colors and extensions that will allow you to freely self express what YOU want...instead of copying what someone else has played.

We all dream of having the ability to walk up to a piano, sit down, and simply start playing beautiful jazz music with ease. 


No music, no frustration, just our true self-expression, coming out directly through our hands and fingers.


This dream usually sounds far off to people for many reasons.


What do I do with my LH? How do I combine my hands? What do I do here with this melody?


The questions go on and on.


Then usually we just resort to some ugly mash up of RH melody while the LH plays chords and not much else.


And unfortunately there is not much advice on how to systematically put everything together.


No one is saying "Do this...okay, now do this..."


It's usually more along the lines of ..."TRY this...oh okay that's not working, well TRY this..."


Thankfully that used to be the case.


That's because we have proven solo piano steps that have helped thousands of others answers the very same questions you have and achieve their dreams.


How did we do this?


Because we at JPS have had the exact same problems and frustrations you have had. We've been in the same exact spot.


Fortunately for us, and thousands of others, we developed a plan, a method, a strategy that allows you to play solo piano, without guessing, searching for answers, or wanting to quit every other week.


Really...when you follow the laid out steps in this plan...there is nothing stopping you from reaching your true potential at solo jazz piano.


The good news is that it's actually easier than you think to get started, especially when you're following our proven methods.

That's Why We Created The JPS Solo Piano System™

This is a proven 11 lesson plan to help you quickly develop your solo piano skills, as well as learn exactly what to do with your Left Hand...


...but more importantly, learn how to combine your Left Hand with your Right Hand to create beautiful solo piano jazz arrangements of standards.


Why would you want do do that?




Most solo piano jazz education doesn't work because it's teaching you to copy transcriptions, read music as a crutch, or is jumping from place to place out of order. 


See, at Jazz Piano School, we do the exact opposite.


We build your solo piano foundation from the ground up with an exact blueprint for you to follow.


This allows you to achieve complete freedom with solo jazz piano and get away from copying and reading.


You're creating your OWN jazz music.


...and that's where the Solo Piano System™ comes in.


This training covers everything you need to know to learn solo jazz piano. - from LH Solo Components, to RH Harmonization with extensions, walking bass, stride, broken stride to space fill and tempo holding methods, tune analysis, and more. step is left out...

Become A Jazz Solo Piano Master Today!


JUST $197

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Solo Piano System Specialty Course

  • 11 Core Lessons
  • 75+ Videos
  • 58+ Practice Exercises
  • Unlimited Tickets For Help
  • Access To Private JPS Community
  • 5 Walkthrough & Analysis Bonus
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Updates and Changes

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Solo Piano System

Course Details

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about the nuances and specific details of vocal accompaniment that will allow you to play with any type of vocalist over any style or tempo and sound like a pro!

Lesson 1:

The 6-Step Tune Learning System ($197 value)

With these 6 steps you will be learning tunes and finally REMEMBERING them. You won't have to worry about forgetting a standard ever again. This will also lead to true self-expression in your solo piano playing. 

Lesson 2:

The 6 Essential Left Hand Components ($197 value)

Your Left Hand has a job to do during solo piano, and that's provide a foundation and support. With these 6 LH components you will be sure to give your RH everything it needs to create a rich and lush environment to play beautiful jazz standards.

Lesson 3:

RH Harmonization Of Melody

($197 value)

The videos and practice exercises in this process will teach you how to combine your LH solo piano components with your RH harmonization to literally arrange all the notes and chords in jazz standards without ever guessing or questioning what you're doing again. 

Lesson 4:

How To Master Extensions With Specific Exercises ($197 value)

Learn all the available extensions for all chords, and how to use them in the 7 step arranging process to create the beautiful sounding harmonies we all love to hear and want to play.

Lesson 5:

The JPS Solo Piano Arranging System ($197 value)

Learn our unique 7 Step Arranging process so that you can get a rich, lush, beautiful sound out of your two hands every time you play a standard. No more guessing, no more feeling insecure. This 7 Step System will leave you with absolutely ZERO doubt about how to play solo piano tunes.  

Lesson 6:

How To Hold The Tempo With Various Techniques ($197 value)

Everyone assumes they have to walk bass with their left hand to play solo piano. Although we do teach that method, their are tons of other ways to hold the tempo and style of a tune. Broken stride, LH components, bass note stabs, counter lines, two handed comps and more.

Lesson 7:

Components To Establish Time ($197 value)

Creating a solid time feel when playing solo piano is one of the most difficult thing to do. Learn these guaranteed time components so that you easily create a solid foundation no matter what tempo you're playing at. 

Lesson 8:

Analyzing and Filling Space ($197 value)

Sometimes the hardest part of solo piano is knowing what to play in the SPACE. In this lesson you'll learn exactly how to analyze the space then make a decision about what type of fill will be best so you can execute it perfectly every time. 

Lesson 9:

Solo Piano Components Of Specific Tempo Styles ($197 value)

Each tempo you play at will take on a difference stylistic solo piano approach. Clearly for fast tunes you will have to do less, and with slow tunes you will have the opportunity to do more. Will show all these styles and approaches in depth so you know exactly what to do every time. 

Lesson 10:

Solo Piano Improvisation Accompaniment

($197 value)

Your RH is soloing, now what on earth does your LH do to accompany?! Great question, and that is exactly why we have this lesson. It seems impossible that one hand could provide the all the accompaniment necessary but that is exactly what we will teach you in this lesson.  

Bonus Lesson For This Sale Only!

Bonus Lesson 11:

5 Tune Walkthrough & Analysis ($197 value)

Watch as I play through all different types of styles and tempos and explain EXACTLY what I'm doing and relate my methods back to lessons in the course. You can see every note I play and as I explain my process you'll understand everything I'm doing so you can implement it into your own playing. 

Total Course Value = $2,167

Who Should Buy This Specialty Course?

-Anyone interested in learning how to do more then just play tunes using RH Melody and LH Chords

-Beginner's looking for a proven and solid system that will teach you how to perfectly arrange your hands over any tune.

-Anyone who is frustrated with not knowing how to get a rich, beautiful, lush jazz sound while playing a jazz standard.

-Someone that has been playing for a little while, but can't seem to make more progress in your playing. You feel stuck!

-If you're mainly interested in playing and perfecting solo piano and not group playing.

-If you're wanting to sit down at the piano and masterfully execute any jazz standard so that you're impressing yourself!

-Anyone sick of guessing at how and where to arrange the notes and chords on a page so you get a rich jazz sound that you hear on albums.

Why Should You Get This Specialty Course?

If you currently have some knowledge of how to play jazz standards...

...this specialty course will set you apart from the pack.


Unlike most jazz piano courses that consist of WATCHING the teacher play tunes, and giving you the transcription which leads to little to no actual skill improvement on your part...this specialty course will give you something special. 


You will have proven and tested solo jazz piano TOOLS...the secret sauce that will allow you fully UNDERSTAND what to do with each chord, each note, and each space to fill.


You will have a CLEAR, step-by-step plan of attack that you will be able to carry out over any tune you want! 


This will allow you to express YOURSELF how you choose, instead of simply playing transcriptions of your teachers or online pdfs.


The great thing is we held absolutely nothing back in this course.


The systems and strategies, more specifically, "The Solo

Piano System™", included in this course cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be found anywhere else!


That is because it's one if it's kind.  


It is the secret ingredient behind playing beautiful, lush, rich and lush impressive sounding solo jazz piano in all tempos and styles.


So if you want to...

  • Master the art of solo piano...
  • Learn the nuances and tools behind two hand harmonization...
  • Learn actual solo piano tools that will drastically improve your performance and allow free self expression...
  • Greatly transform your skill set, and distance yourself from the competition and get more gigs and appreciation from friends, family and other musicians...

...then this specialty course is for you.



If you are just starting jazz piano...

...then you're probably looking for a solid strategy you can follow to help you achieve your I right?


This was exactly what I was looking for when I first started but guess what? 


To my astonishment it wasn't out there.


All I got was...."Try this, okay not try that."


"You can do this here...this what I do here"


Ummm what?! 


Why wasn't there some sort of structured way I could go about opening to a tune, taking the melody, and harmonizing it with the bass note and chords so I could produce a beautiful jazz sound?


I never did get the answer to that question, but I did struggle for 15 years to put everything together.


And BECAUSE of the struggle I went through I ended up putting together this systematic, clear, step-by-step plan for playing solo piano... others wouldn't have to go through the pain and frustration I went through!


So whether you're teetering on picking up this specialty course you or me when I ask you...


...Wouldn't you rather feel prepared, confident, and secure knowing you can sit down at the piano in any type of situation and masterfully play any tune that will demand the respect from other musicians and friends, not to mentions yourself, that you've always wanted?


I think we know the answer.


Master The Art of Jazz Solo Piano Today!

$300 Discount Expires Soon!

What You'll Get

When you purchase today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • 11 Core Lessons
  • 75+ Lesson Videos
  • 58+ Practice Exercises
  • Unlimited Support Tickets For Help
  • Lifetime Access To The Private JPS Community
  • 5 Bonus Walkthroughs & Analysis With Transcriptions
  • Leadsheets & Chord Changes Provided
  • Lifetime Access

 Course Details:

Price: Limited Time Special Just $197

               (Normally $497)

Level: For All Levels

Setting: Online

Course Length: 9 Hours 16 Minutes

Expected Completion Time: 4-6 Weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - What is a Specialty Course?

ANSWER: Here at Jazz Piano School we have three main products. 


#1 - Our Main Curriculum (our ultimate jazz piano roadmap)

#2 - Specialty Courses (focused education on a specific topic)

#3 - Lab Area & Mini-Courses (Quick 3-5 day education)

.Our specialty courses contain more information on specific topics that required more attention and detail. 


Such as accompanying vocalists, or solo piano.


With these courses we go deeper into the education and give you more nuances, techniques, methods and strategies to ensure you master the specific topic.

#2 - Is there a guarantee?

.ANSWER: Yep...all of our training's have a 30-day, no-questions asked guarantee.


In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.


You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

#3 - Do I have to pay again? How long do I have access for?

.ANSWER: You will have lifetime access to this course. 


Once you purchase, you can access this course for the rest of your life and also ask us questions whenever you want.


You will never have to pay again for this course although we have other products and services that compliment this education very well you may want to add on in the future.

#4 - Why is the price going up to $497?

ANSWER: This is currently a special promotion for our Solo Piano System™ specialty course.


Meaning when you purchase today you will be getting a special discount price for this particular specialty course.


When this promotion is over, and the timer has run out, the price for the public to purchase this course is our regular full price of $497.

#5 - How long will it take to get access?

.ANSWER: Immediate.  


You'll be able to create your account to access your newly purchased Mini-Course after your order is complete. You'll have access to the Mini-Course forever.

#6 - Do I have to go through the whole course? Can I jump around?

.ANSWER: The beauty of this course is you can jump around to the solo piano topic you want the most.


If you're looking to improve different styles of your solo piano then you can skip to that section.


If you're more interested in learning how to systematically harmonize your two hands with voicings and extensions you can start there as well.


Maybe you want to start with specific solo piano tempos or how to accompany yourself while improvising? 


You can move around as you please.

Jazz Piano School Is Different

Yes there are other jazz piano websites and education on the internet, but Jazz Piano School is unique because it was specifically built to solve a common problem among jazz students. That problem is lack of structured, organized, and step-by-step jazz education that provides us with clear details and practice exercises so we know exactly what to do in order to get better and accomplish our dream. 


We've wasted 15 years, jumping around youtube videos, switching teachers, guessing, doubting, feeling frustrated, embarrassed, insecure, and crappy because of the way jazz education is taught. 


In other words, we've been in the trenches so you don't have to! Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, systematic, easy to follow education and courses so you can quickly and efficiently apply what you're learning and start seeing results immediately! If this sounds appealing then you welcome! You've found your home. :)

...and if all that wasn't enough...

Here's What You're About To Discover...

  • How to voice your hands PERFECTLY every time to create solid, rich, and beautiful solo piano sound. 
  • How to make sure you're playing in the correct register with the correct voicings everytime so you're balancing the harmonies of the tune and melody.
  • Our secret 7 Step Two Hand Arranging System to playing any tune so you have a clear and easy, proven plan to follow every time you sit down to play. 
  • The 5 checkpoints you need every time you open a tune and begin to harmonize between your two hands.
  • The 4  steps needed to insert fills in the space so you're adding your OWN expression to the tunes.
  • 8 fills you can use to fill space and create movement in the gaps of all tunes. 
  • How to master the art of playing a ballad so you can produce a beautiful, elegant, ballad feel and sound.
  • A clear method to analyze tunes so you know exactly what style to use when approaching and playing the tune.
  • How to change your solo piano method and approach to handle all different tempos, ballads, slow swing, medium, stride, latin, fast and super fast!
  • The LH accompaniment strategy you need when improvising during solo piano so you can provide full support to yourself that creates a balanced piano sound without gaps.

The Solo Piano System™

(Save $300 Now Before Time Runs Out...)

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