Singer Accompaniment Mastery

Specialty Course

Learn the intricacies of accompanying a vocalist in any style or tempo while providing solid, rich, support and adding your own expression, flavor and soul to the sound!

When You Finish This Course You'll Have A Proven Plan For


Vocalist Accompaniment

...That allows you to switch between multiple engaging and contrasting accompaniment strategies, create spontaneous fills and improv runs, and provide beautiful, lush support at all times. 

Playing with a vocalist can be extremely fun, lucrative and...OVERWHELMING!


I've played solo piano before...I've played in groups before...but what the heck do I do to accompany a singer? 


Panic, fear, doubt, and many other things can take over our minds when we think about accompanying a vocalist. 


We're not playing the melody, yet we have to essentially act like a full band AND stay our of their way at the same time!


So what does this mean?


Well, unfortunately it means, walking bass with our LH constantly while our RH adds small comps here and there...


To me this the same as watching paint dry...


The vocalist might as well be singing to a backup track if this is how we're going to approach accompaniment!


Walking bass in your LH while adding RH comps simply WON'T cut it.


The fact is...

Vocalists need MUCH more support and engagement from you.

Beginners may think the LH walking bass method is just fine, but the pros know better.


YOU know better!


"Well if I don't walk bass with my LH what do I do Brenden?"


I asked myself this question for years...and for years I struggled to accompany singers.


Until I started playing for vocalist every single week at a recurring gig. 


This finally allowed me to experiment, test, improve, and finally develop a system that allowed me to accompany the vocalists the RIGHT way.


But what is "the right way"? 



  • How do you ensure you're SUPPORTING the melody and not interfering and adding your own spices, fills, and soulful expression at the same time.
  • How do you INCLUDE the bass notes while not walking bass CONSISTENTLY throughout the entire tune?
  • How do you add fills, movement, and passing harmonies to the tune while continuing to provide support and not getting in the way?
  • What voicings do you use in what register, and when do you move back and forth between the registers at what spots?
  • What types of fills do you use for a super slow tune with lots of space and how do you keep it interesting? 

and so many, so many more...


These are the questions every jazz pianist must answer to accompany a vocalist.


More IMPORTANTLY, must be able to PLAY!


So if you're looking to accompany yourself, or other vocalist, and want to provide solid, engaging, support while filling in the space, not sounding boring, and using contrasting approaches...


...the critical questions asked above must be worked on.


But how do you do it?


Fortunately, that's exactly what you're about to learn...


If you're interested in becoming a vocalist accompaniment master, then I have one question for you...

Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"

(Here's why you're going to need this course.)

Let's face it: Jazz piano PROFESSIONALS are a dime a dozen.


So how do you become a "doer", and not a "talker"?


That's the problem!


We all have the CAPACITY to learn the necessary details to reach our goals and accomplish our jazz piano dreams but...


...the last step of taking action...pushing through your fear, overcoming your doubts, and taking control of your dream is UP TO YOU!


You see all of us go through this...even us at Jazz Piano School, but you see even after we COMMITTED to pursuing our dreams...there was no plan, no step-by-step education to get us there.


That's exactly WHY we created this specialty course! 


To give you that systematic plan that will allow you to master singer accompaniment.


To give you the step-by-step road map, so you can easily sit down every day and know exactly what to practice to accomplish your dream.


We wanted to REMOVE as many road blocks from your journey as possible because...


...we know what it's like to have your mind jump in the way and say "no you can't do this" or, "this isn't going to work for me".


So in short...if we can give you the BEST, the CLEAREST, PLAN to follow...then all you have to right now is simply take that one extra step on your own. 


It's all available for you...take control of your dreams and get it.


Become An Vocal Accompaniment Master Today!

Get The JPS Singer Accompaniment Mastery For

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Singer Accompaniment Mastery Course

  • 10 Core Lessons
  • 75+ Videos
  • 50+ Practice Exercises
  • 100 Vocal Mp3 Practice Tracks, (Vocals alone, Vocals & Click, Vocals with piano)
  • Unlimited Tickets For Help
  • Access To Private JPS Community
  • 5 Walkthrough & Analysis 
  • Leadsheets & Chord Changes Provided
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Singer Accompaniment Mastery

Course Details

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about the nuances and specific details of vocal accompaniment that will allow you to play with any type of vocalist over any style or tempo and sound like a pro!

Lesson 1:

The Secrets Of A Solid Accompaniment Foundation ($197 value)

Building a solid accompaniment foundation is all about knowing exactly what voicings to play in what register and how to use a balance of all textures to provide harmonic and rhythmic support. 

Lesson 2:

Must Know LH & RH Components & Voicings ($197 value)

Learn the must know LH & RH components that will drastically effect the type of sound and support you give a vocalist in all situations. 

Lesson 3:

Learning The Accompaniment "SWITCH" 

($197 value)

The "SWITCH" is a one of a kind method found ONLY through Jazz Piano School that will teach you how to create and engaging and expressive type of accompaniment by switching what hand you create an active role situation for. 

Lesson 4:

The In Measure "Switch" Change ($197 value)

After learning the "Switch" you'll, learn how to perform it within the measure to create a full band sound for your accompaniment in order to decrease gaps while increasing support through harmonies, rhythm and texture. 

Lesson 5:

Accompaniment Movements, Reharms & Fills ($197 value)

Specific movements, reharms, and fills are essential only AFTER you've built a solid foundation with the "Switch. You'll learn exactly how to utilize the space the vocalist gives you to the best of your ability every time. 

Lesson 6:

8 Different Swing Styles & Tempos ($197 value)

Know exactly how to approach your accompaniment style for any tune, tempo, and style the vocalists ask you to play. Never be scared again to play a certain tempo or style a vocalists asks of you. 

Lesson 7:

Accompanying Straight & Swing Ballads ($197 value)

If you're playing with a vocalist you will 100% be asked to play a ballad and knowing the key components to provide beautiful, lush, harmonic and rhythmic support will either make or break your accompaniment. 

Lesson 8:

Rock & Pop Accompaniment ($197 value)

If you're a singer song writer or simply have an interest in playing in a cover band, this rock, pop section will give you all the details you need to lay down the perfect accompaniment without having to read note for note what the online sheet music says. 

Lesson 9:

Accompaniment Intros ($197 value)

Don't be a dear in the headlights when the vocalists tells you to give them an intro, then proceeds to count off the tune. This lesson will give you a handful of go to intro's to use every time you need one. 

Lesson 10:

Accompaniment Outros ($197 value)

Ending a tune can be just as hard as starting a tune. If you don't end well, you could ruin everything you've just played. Be confident and secure when wrapping up a tune with all of the outro's you learn in this lesson. 

Bonus Lesson For Launch Buyers Only

Bonus Lesson 11:

5 Tune Walkthrough & Analysis ($197 value)

Get access to 5 live recorded tracks and videos I made so you can see and watch every note I play with the vocalist and learn as I walk you through it and analyze exactly everything I'm playing and where it relates in this course.

3 Practice Tracks For Each Song Below Included In This Course

(75 Different Practice Tracks!)

    •Almost Like Being In Love

    •Ain’t Misbehavin’

    •Alice In Wonderland

    •All of Me

    •All The Things You Are

    •At Last

    •Body & Soul




    •Fly Me To The Moon

    •Tiny Dancer

    •You Can’t Take That Away From Me


    •Gee Baby Ain’t I Good For you

    •Honeysuckle Rose

    •It’s Only A Papermoon

    •Just Friends

    •Let It Be

    •Let’s Fall In Love


    •New York State of Mind

    •Night & Day

    •She Talks To Angels

    •She Used To Be Mine

    •A Sleepin’ Bee

    •The Way You Look Tonight



    ($1000 value)

    Total Course Value = $3,167

    Who Should Buy This Specialty Course?

    -Anyone interested in playing or accompanying vocalists in jazz or other styles

    -Beginner's new to jazz that might want to sing jazz and accompany themselves.

    -Anyone whose been playing with a vocalists and wants to master the art of accompaniment. 

    -Pianists playing in church or other vocal settings that require any sort of accompaniment for any type of vocals.  

    -If you're interested in playing in pop/rock, jazz or latin bands that have a singer.

    -If you're playing in a cover band that contains vocalists.

    -Anyone looking to excel in all areas of jazz and jazz piano playing. 

    Why Should Get This Specialty Course?

    If you have played or are playing with a vocalist...

    ...this specialty course will set you apart from the pack.


    Unlike most jazz piano accompaniment that consists of a pianists walking bass in their LH for hours which leads to complete and utter boredom, not to mention, soul less will have something special.


    You will have the secret sauce that will allow you to provide completely engaging and supportive accompaniment using "The Switch" while at the same time adding your own SELF expression into the music.


    This allows for your accompaniment to actually INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and PROPEL the vocalist! 


    Rather than simply acting as backing track while they sing.


    The great thing is we held absolutely nothing back in this course.


    The systems and strategies, more specifically, "The Switch", included in this course cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be found anywhere else!


    That is because it's one if it's kind.  


    It is the secret ingredient behind providing beautiful, supportive, engaging and lush sounding accompaniment to a vocalist in all tempos and styles.


    So if you want to...

    • Enhance your vocal accompaniment (or start learning)
    • Learn the newest and greatest secret sauce behind vocal accompaniment we call "The Switch".
    • Expand your skill set, and distance yourself from the competition and get more gigs and appreciation from vocalists and other musicians...

    ...then this specialty course is for you.



    If you have never played with a vocalist...

    ...maybe you don't need this specialty course.


    But...what if some day, a singer loves the way you play and invites you to a high profile concert...what are you going to do?


    What if a loved one or friend who enjoys singing wants you to play for them, what are you going to do?


    And what if someday, you want to share in the that intimate and joy filled bond of creating music with a vocalist...what are you going to do?


    There are HUNDREDS of reasons why this specialty course will be extremely important and helpful to you in your jazz piano journey.


    Your investment into this education will greatly serve you in so many ways when accompanying vocalists but also when accompanying ANY MUSICIANS for that matter.


    One of the main principles we teach in this course for providing engaging, supportive, and soulful accompaniment called "The Switch" can be used when accompanying other MUSICIANS as well!


    If you're playing duo with a saxophone, trumpet, name it! 


    Any situation you're in that requires accompaniment and comping from you will allow you to utilize EVERYTHING we teach in this particular specialty course!


    So whether you're teetering on whether you think you'll need this or us when we ask you...


    ...Wouldn't you rather feel prepared, confident, and secure knowing you can sit down at the piano in any type of duo situation and accompany masterfully that will demand the respect from other musicians that you've always wanted?


    I think we know the answer.


    Master The Art of Vocal

    Accompaniment Today!

    What You'll Get

    When you purchase today, you'll receive instant access to:

    • 10 Core Lessons
    • 75+ Lesson Videos
    • 50+ Practice Exercises
    • 100 Vocal Practice Tracks (Vocals alone, Vocals with click, Vocals & piano for ideas!)
    • Unlimited Support Tickets For Help
    • Access To The Private JPS Community
    • 6 Walkthroughs & Analysis
    • 9+ Leadsheets & Chord Changes
    • Lifetime Access

     Course Details:

    Price: Limited Time Special Just $497

    Level: For All Levels

    Setting: Online

    Expected Completion Time: 6-8 Weeks

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    #1 - What is a Specialty Course?

    ANSWER: Here at Jazz Piano School we have three main products. 


    #1 - Our Main Curriculum (our ultimate jazz piano roadmap)

    #2 - Specialty Courses (focused education on a specific topic)

    #3 - Lab Area & Mini-Courses (Quick 3-5 day education)

    .Our specialty courses contain more information on specific topics that required more attention and detail. 


    Such as accompanying vocalists, or solo piano.


    With these courses we go deeper into the education and give you more nuances, techniques, methods and strategies to ensure you master the specific topic.

    #2 - Is there a guarantee?

    .ANSWER: Yep...all of our training's have a 30-day, no-questions asked guarantee.


    In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.


    You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

    #3 - Do I have to pay again? How long do I have access for?

    .ANSWER: You will have lifetime access to this course. 


    Once you purchase, you can access this course for the rest of your life and also ask us questions whenever you want.


    You will never have to pay again for this course although we have other products and services that compliment this education very well you may want to add on in the future.

    #4 - How long will it take to get access?

    .ANSWER: Immediate.  


    You'll be able to create your account to access your newly purchased Mini-Course after your order is complete. You'll have access to the Mini-Course forever.

    #5 - Do I have to go through the whole course? Can I jump around?

    .ANSWER: The beauty of this course is you can jump around to the accompaniment topic you want the most.


    If you're looking to improve your jazz accompaniment then simply move through the course from the beginning.


    If you're more interested in pop/rock or latin jazz you can simply jump to that section as well.


    Maybe you want to start with jazz ballads because they're so pretty. Whatever it is you want all the content is at your fingertips and you can move around as you please.

    Jazz Piano School Is Different

    Yes there are other jazz piano websites and education on the internet, but Jazz Piano School is unique because it was specifically built to solve a common problem among jazz students. That problem is lack of structured, organized, and step-by-step jazz education that provides us with clear details and practice exercises so we know exactly what to do in order to get better and accomplish our dream. 


    We've wasted 15 years, jumping around youtube videos, switching teachers, guessing, doubting, feeling frustrated, embarrassed, insecure, and crappy because of the way jazz education is taught. 


    In other words, we've been in the trenches so you don't have to! Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, systematic, easy to follow education and courses so you can quickly and efficiently apply what you're learning and start seeing results immediately! If this sounds appealing to you, then welcome!

    You've found your home. :)

    ...and if all that wasn't enough...

    Here's What You're About To Discover...

    • How to voice your hands PERFECTLY every time to create solid, rich, supportive accompaniment.
    • How to make sure you're playing in the correct register with the correct voicings everytime so you're supporting the vocalist.
    • Our secret sauce to vocalist accompaniment called "The Switch" not found anywhere else in the jazz education world.
    • The 5 MOST important movements and reharms you need in your accompaniment toolbox at all times.
    • The 4 exact steps needed to insert fills in the space so you're adding your OWN expression to the tunes along with the vocals.
    • Which runs and improv lines work best in certain vocal situations and which ones will NOT be effective at certain tempos.
    • How to master the art of playing "Rubato" with a singer as well as moving "in and out" of time during ballads to add mystery.
    • How and when to add the two hand sixteenth note feel during pop and rock songs so you can read chords, instead of ALL THE NOTES.
    • The 4 different approaches you must master in order to provide EXCELLENT accompaniment to any vocalist and sound like a pro!
    • How to analyze tunes so you know exactly what type of "accompaniment approach" to take in order to nail the style.

    Singer Accompaniment Mastery

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