Our Jazz Piano Education Has Just Gotten Even Better! 


(New and improved updates, features and more!)

Here's the problem...

There is a MESS of jazz piano information scattered about in different books, dvds, online libraries, teachers and other resources. 


This can be extremely frustrating as a student because we're left to put all these small puzzle pieces of information together. 


This is like a kid getting a pile of alphabet letters but having no clue what order they go in.  


It leaves us feeling inadequate, doubtful, depressed, stressed and wanting to quit our dream of expressing ourselves through the beautiful music of jazz. 


As a student all we want is for someone to tell us what to practice in order to get better.  We just want a road map to follow. 


A plan that we can follow. 


Non of that existed...until now.


The classic "Watch me play it, then you do it" is out! 


Jazz Piano School provides you with structured, organized, step-by-step jazz piano education that will help you reach your jazz piano dream in months instead of years...not to mention...


...allow you to feel the way you've always wanted...happy, confident, and connected to the music you're freely creating. 

Hi there!

I'm Brenden

For the last 29 years I've been a student of jazz and will continue to be for the rest of my life. But through out my journey I've picked up

A LOT of valuable jazz education including the creation of my own teaching system that is currently helping thousands of students learn jazz piano. 


I've dedicated my life to sharing my jazz education with others because of the awful learning experience I had early in my career. 


I thought I was doomed. I thought I was hopeless. All the information I got from teachers, books and videos never added up for me. 


Finally I stumbled upon a system that I created myself that finally allow me to organize all the jazz piano information I knew so that I could actually play freely like I had always imagined. 

That's why my jazz piano learning system is currently in colleges, highschools, and helping thousands of private students learn in their own homes. 

What Our Members Are Saying

Like I said before, I've not only been teaching it, but I've been in the trenches gigging, learning, studying and playing in all different types of settings.


And through it all, here is the most important discovery I can share with you...

Without learning the necessary jazz piano tools in a structured & specific order...you have 0 chance of achieving your jazz piano goal.

(HINT: The plan looks something like this...)

Can you build a house without the use of proper tools? 



Would you learn the alphabet starting from the letter M...or P...or learn ABC then skip to QRS?



Would you copy someone's math homework without understanding it if you knew you were going to have to do it on your own?



Unfortunately this is exactly how I tried learning jazz piano initially which led me to waste about $11,250 on private lessons. $75 a week for 50 weeks, for 3 years.

And after those 3 years guess how many tunes I had learned...


A WHOPPING 3 tunes! That I only knew how to play because I had COPIED my teacher.

You see the learning style I was being taught was the "Traditional" style of jazz piano education.

This style was the exact reason I blew thousands of dollars, wasted 15 years of my life, and was constantly frustrated, depressed, and doubtful I would ever play jazz piano the way I wanted. 


And like it or not...YOU are most likely learning this exact way right now. 

There's a reason more students than ever are going to COLLEGES now to learn jazz.

Here's a fact: jazz curriculums in schools that provide you with a plan and a specific learning path are 95% more likely to help the student achieve their musical goal. 


Now I'm assuming you don't have $200,000 dollars to spend on college, nor have the time, desire, or freedom to do so either. 


Guess what? No problem...and I'll tell you why in just a sec but...

What if you don't adapt? 

We are in the midst of what I call the "Jazz Education Transformation"

Those that decide to continue with the "Traditional Methods" of jazz education, chasing voicings & licks, watching endless youtube videos, learning information in obscure orders, copying and pasting transcriptions, are finding it harder and harder to actually make progress.


They continue to "hope" that some magical nugget of advice will piece everything together for them.


But you and I both know that "hope" is never a good system to rely on. 

Plus, when you don't have a plan, a system, it's STRESSFUL! 


You never really know what to practice...if you're on the right path, of if you're even getting any better. 


It leaves you in the unknown. Constantly guessing, stumbling and trying to find your way. 


Like the feeling of being lost with no idea how to get to where you want to be.


I know from experience this is a place that neither I nor you want to ever be in. 

Great...so we've concluded that you want to stop feeling lost with "traditional methods" of jazz education...

That's great news and here's why!

That means Jazz Piano School

 Is Perfect For You If...

  • You’ve tried to learn jazz piano but never really understood what was going on. You're VERY CONFUSED!

  • You’re looking for a clear, structured, systematic, long term plan to transform your playing.  

  • You don’t understand why you can’t make progress with books, dvd, youtube, and teachers and everything seems so hard. 

  • You're a complete beginner and have taken a couple of piano lessons and want a sequential plan to start learning jazz piano efficiently and quickly.

  • You've taken years of classical lessons but now want to learn jazz piano and need a great place to start that will create a solid foundation and help you start playing quickly!

  • You never EXACTLY know what to practice or what you should be learning to improve your jazz piano skills .

  • You’re frustrated with not having a road map to follow that will ensure consistent progress. You love the music but you feel like quitting. 

  • You enjoy organization and clear direction.

  • You've been studying with the same teacher, or other online jazz piano site for years and still feel lost.

  • You never completely understand what you're playing or how to connect the dots, even when learning from different educational resources.

  • All the lessons, and materials you learn from always JUMP around and differ in DIFFICULTY leading to no type of cohesive learning environment. 

  • You just want an EASY map and PLAN to follow and haven't been able to find it! If you can just get a road map you'll do the work because you love the music!

If you can relate to any ONE of the statements above then you are PERFECT for Jazz Piano School 2.0!

"But...but..but Brenden!?"

Have a question? So did others

Here's what others have asked...



Can I really learn jazz piano online?

Absolutely! Thousands are currently doing it and HAVE done it! We provide you with all the materials to get you from point A to point B with a structured and organized plan so you always know the path you're on to reach your dream.


I know nothing about jazz. Is there still hope for me?

Yes! JPS designed for someone who knows absolutely zilch about jazz. As long as you have very, very basic piano skills, you can begin with the Jazz Piano School Beginner level and make tremendous progress.


What do I do if I need help or don't understand?

The private JPS Facebook group is filled with amazing jazz pianists who have worked through the entire course. They are eagerly helping new members every day! You can post your questions here and you will get all the help you need.


(Plus my staff and I answer questions there as well)


Also with the LIFETIME Support bonus, you can send questions in as much or as little as you want. For the rest of your life...seriously...no joke.


I've taken jazz for 3+ years and still have a teacher? What should I do?

The JPS 6 Stage Success Path will serve you for the rest of your life.  Think of it as your "ULTIMATE" plan. 


Our goal is to implement the course into as many schools and institutions as possible in order to compliment the live teachers! 


If you have a teacher now it can be a fantastic resource to utilize and help guide you through the exercises your teacher is giving you. 


Or if you feel like you've been lacking direction & structure in your private lesson then the 6 Stage Success Path can either give your teacher and you a plan to follow, or can replace your private lessons all together.


I'm very busy. How many hours a day do I need to spend?

The reason people don't learn is usually not because of time. Most of the time it's because they don't do it CONSISTENTLY. With only ten minutes a day you can make optimal progress from Jazz Piano School. 


Are the materials available to print out?

Yes. Once you join Jazz Piano School, all of the practice exercises, workbook exercises, and lesson text is yours to keep forever! You can download the pdf's and view them however you'd like. 


The feedback of a live teacher is what makes it so effective. How do you tackle this?

Well, we do have LIVE time with our instructors for questions and lesson but if you want more of an in-depth answer then...


JPS System uses four categories. Theory, Technique, Improv & Repertoire. There is a big use for feedback in certain areas of the course...but...not all.


Students find that the systematic, educational process the Success Path takes them through actually allows them to digest the information in such bite sized chunks that they find themselves needing less feedback because they're able to accomplish the steps on their own and actually execute. 


But of course...when you are looking for feedback, all of Freedom Learners within Jazz Piano School will post videos of their playing into our private community or to our help desk to get feedback from our professional jazz piano staff!

Jazz Piano School CAN & WILL

help you!

As big hearted jazz and music lovers, you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world by spreading our gift and love for music. 

It's the reason that I am so passionate about this work.

This is the reason I created JAZZ PIANO SCHOOL!

So what actually is


Jazz Piano School is an online platform that provides three different sections of jazz piano education.

Our Main Curriculum Success path is our biggest and baddest jazz piano education product. This is a 6 Stage, 600+ video, completely step by step path that took 4 years to build. Complete with lesson text, practice exercises and workbook exercises.  This area of JPS is best used by everybody to build a complete foundation, and follow a successful plan.

The Lab is where we release NEW & innovative jazz piano content EVERY month. This learning area is built to compliment our Success Path by providing small & bite sized jazz piano tools to upgrade certain areas that may need improvement. By combining the tools from the Lab with our Success Path we create a proven jazz piano education experience for you to achieve your dream. 


Our Specialty Course area is for the stubborn topics of jazz piano that require a more in-depth dive. It also provides topics of interest that most students are looking to master such as solo piano, the blues, vocal accompaniment and more. 




...and what is the education in


The reason JPS has helped thousands of students achieve success at learning jazz piano is due to the systematic and structured learning approach that I created and actually USED MYSELF!


Most common styles of jazz piano education have you copy, mimic or playback, different licks, transcriptions, voicings, and arrangements of standards.


This can lead to holes or gaps in your playing and hardly any self-expression freedom...not to mention frustration and self-doubt.


Jazz Piano School provides you with a different learning approach...


Our learning system begins by teaching small jazz piano Theory tools that progress through categories. 


This is called a "THEORY SEQUENCE".


This ensures success and complete FREEDOM at jazz piano.

The JPS System™ contained in our 6 Stage Main Course Success Path uses "Theory Sequences" to teach you jazz piano freedom.


These "Theory Sequences" are based off proven language learning blocks. They're kinda like Legos.


"Theory Sequences" allow to quickly learn jazz piano tools, combine them however you want, (kinda like legos), so that you can FREELY express and most importantly, feel HAPPY while you play.


Instead of being handcuffed by copying arrangements, reading transcriptions, and infusing other peoples licks into your playing.


After 15+ years of pain & frustration I built the 6 Stage Main Course Success Path so you wouldn't have to go through all the headaches, self-doubt, and searching that I went through.


Unlike many other online jazz piano sites,

The 6 Stage Main Course Success Path is completely sequential.

Meaning every lesson builds upon the next through out 600+ videos.


It will take you from ANY level, (even if you know nothing about jazz piano) to a point in which you can sit down at any piano and freely self-express yourself through jazz with ease and feel happy.


Here's what you'll get when you join now with our RELAUNCH OFFER!

#1 - Access To The Entire

Main Course Curriculum Success Path

(a $4,997 value)

Access To The Entire Main Course Curriculum Success Path

You'll get access to 600+ lesson videos, all three levels, two path option, and clear, precise, step-by-step learning in order to ensure you achieve jazz piano freedom .

Here's What Our Success Path 

Curriculum Will Allow You To Do...

  • Learn the proper jazz piano tools and in the correct order to unlock your true potential and express yourself through music. 

  • Easily follow a simple step-by-step process that will serve as your jazz piano road map for the rest of your life.

  • Learn from the highly popular and successful Jazz Piano School System™ that is currently helping thousands of students around the world.

  • Join a strong, fun, supportive community of Freedom Learners that will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to push beyond your limits.

  • Find TRUE happiness in following a clear, structured, and organized PLAN that will lead you down the correct path, in the correct ORDER to jazz piano freedom.

and more...


Here's What You Get Inside

Members Dashboard

(Annoucements, Easy Navigation, All Content)

Jazz Piano Tools

(For everyday and general learning use)

600+  Lesson Videos On Any Device

(Two Keyboard View With Note Names)

Over 3400+ Practice Exercises

(Specific exercises for every step of the way)

Over 500+ Pages of Lesson Text

(You can study and read about the concepts anywhere)

All 6 Stage Access

(Designed for ALL skill levels)

Access to our Proprietary Theory Sequence Learning

(Step by Step, no guesswork required)

Journey or Library Learning Paths

(Follow our popular Journey Path or jump around)

Over 640+ Pages of Workbook Exercises

(Writing helps you learn 10x faster!)

Private JPS Freedom Learner Community

(Get help, feedback & support from other members)

#2 - LIFETIME Access To Our Entire

JPS Lab Area

(a $1,997 value)

You'll get access to all areas of our lab including all 21 mini-courses, all podcast practice materials, all lick of the week materials, all gig analysis, artist highlight videos and transcriptions and much more. 

Here's What The Jazz Piano School

 Lab Area Will Allow You To Do...

  • Quickly and effectively fill different gaps in your playing with the use of our 3-5 day mini courses that were built to get you quick results. 

  • Implement any type of jazz piano method you want into your playing so you don't have to spend time sifting through all the excess information. 

  • Watch recorded gigs of the Jazz Piano School staff members with an after analysis that will allow you to get a behind the scenes take on exactly what they were playing and why. 

  • Learn from your favorite jazz piano giant in our artist highlight area so that you can implement their strategies and methods into your own playing. 

  • And so much more...

What's Inside The JPS Lab


(21+ Mini Courses so you can quickly and easily

upgrade the jazz piano skill that you need most)

Gig Analysis

(Watch live gigs from the JPS Staff as they analyze

what they were playing & thinking so you can learn)

Podcast Materials

(All the practice materials from our famous weekly podcast)

Improv Analysis

(A complete breakdown of improv from the greats

so that you can understand and implement their concepts.)

Tune Breakdown

(A walk through of exactly how to implement our 

jazz piano tools into tunes with notation and analysis)

Lick of the Week

(All the notation from our Licks of the Week)



Get all 5 bonuses below, completely free of charge when you join the Jazz Piano School today!

Bonus #1 - Improvisation Bootcamp Masterclass

($497 Value)

Learn absolutely everything you need to know about improvising in order to crush your solos. This bootcamp class reveals all the improvisation secrets, tricks, strategies and the methods that the pros use so that you can implement them in your playing quickly and easily. 

Bonus #2 - Practice Secrets Masterclass & Playbook

($497 Value)

Learn the most effective and efficient practice secrets of the pros. Stop wasting time with your practice routine, and learn exactly what and how to practice to cut your progress time in half. 

Bonus #3 - Add on any 1 of our specialty courses completely free!

($497 Value)

Pick any one of our specialty courses to add onto your account completely free. After your order is complete will email you and ask which one you would like.


Simply let us know and will grant you immediate access in your account.  

Bonus #4 - Unlimited Support & Community Access

(Value = $1,997)

Can you imagine a lifetime of support? Where you can ask any question at any time, for the rest of your life? That's because it rarely exists. Except for now. Ask our trained staff as many questions as you want. Upload as many videos or mp3's to our community for feedback. Get as much help as you want...for the rest of your life. Essentially this is a lifetime of jazz piano education.

Bonus #5 - Personal Assessment

($497 Value)

Get a customized assessment of your strengths and weakness and personal starting point in the JPS Success Path so you have the perfect plan for success.



Bonus #6 (Today Only)

Improvisation Legos PDF

(Our 3 instructors compiled some of their favorite bite sized improv legos into a PDF for you to mix and match)

When you add it all up, that's a total value of...


(Ridiculously small compared to all the lifelong investment of happiness you'll be getting in return with free, musical, self-expression.) 

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into the growing group jazz pianists learning true freedom the RIGHT way, finding self happiness and impacting the lives of others around them in a way only music can accomplish...




So That Brought Up A Couple Of Questions...

  • What PREVENTS people from implementing Jazz Piano School materials and moving forward in their jazz piano education?

  • How can we help you bust through the "blocks" so you're experiencing more progress, growth, and faster results...in a lot less time?

That sent us on a quest...


And over the last year, we've actually paid thousands of dollars for TRAINING of our own to find out exactly how to provide the best possible membership experience to all of our members in order to turn those "want to succeed" members into super high achievers who actually get results. 


And here's the good news...


We found what we believe to be the needle movers. And we've added to the "experience" of Jazz Piano School again, and we're SUPER confident that this will produce even more results than ever before. 


Because for us, this is SO MUCH MORE than just "teaching" jazz piano. 

This is about your results!

This is what drives our desire to continually upgrade the experience. 

That's why when you enroll in JAZZ PIANO SCHOOL during this launch offer you'll have the opportunity to...

Get help from our team of highly trained Jazz Piano School Progress Coaches


Sterling Cozza

JPS Instructor - Graduated From Eastman School of Music

Bijan Taghavi

JPS Instructor - Graduated From Manhattan School of Music

Trent Briden

JPS Instructor - Graduated From Manhattan School of Music

Long story short...

You will be supported by our expert JAZZ PIANO SCHOOL Progress Coaches before you "officially" start and during your actual time moving through the material as well.


That means as soon as you enroll will walk you through the dates and times of your "Progress Forward" group coaching experience. And this is where all of our performance research comes into play...


Because during these calls our coaches will be walking you through our trademarked Jazz Piano School Education process designed to support you in making more progress than ever before.


It's about helping you bust through those blocks that can keep you from moving forward and helping you generate MASSIVE momentum.


And momentum creates confidence. And your confidence will carry you forward, enabling you to overcome any challenge you may face and you'll therefore experience FAR GREATER RESULTS.


This is all part of your JAZZ PIANO SCHOOL experience and we can't wait to see you reap the benefits!


Who Is Jazz Piano School NOT for?

It's NOT for the Tire Kicker

This is the person who just wanted to "kind of" check things out.


You can't "kind of" practice jazz piano and expect to learn jazz piano freedom and accomplish your goal and dream. Success doesn't just "kind of" happen. You have to be intentional right from the get go. 


Getting these types fo results takes a commitment. Would you want to fly with a pilot who "kind of" knew how to fly? Or go into surgery with a doctor who "kind of" knew what they were doing?




Jazz Piano School is for people who are committed to turning their love for music into a reality.  If the commitment isn't there, then this is NOT the right program for you and I ask that you please do not sign up. 

It's NOT for the Monkey Magician

You know who I'm talking about right? This is the person who thinks that just by buying a course, they'll be able to sit down at a piano and magically start playing like Art Tatum.  This is an actual skill.


As mentioned above, it takes time, patience, commitment, dedication, and more importantly...PRACTICE. 


Just because we're providing you with the GOLDEN road map doesn't mean it will implement itself. You have to practice and work at everything we give to you. 


If you apply the education we give you, you WILL get results. But the results won't come just because you join Jazz Piano School. You have to actually work at this. 

It's NOT for the Mr. or Mrs. Know It All

What I'll be sharing with you works and we have LOTS of real world stories of members who have gone through our education and are successfully playing jazz piano like they've always imagined. 


So if you're someone who likes to focus on WHY something "wouldn't work", then this is not for you either. 


I've said before, many of the strategies we use are not QUICK FIXES. Meaning, most of the time, you may not understand why you're doing what you're doing. It may be frustrating. But you simply have to trust the process.


But if you think your process is better than ours, then you don't below in the program. We welcome you to keep doing your own thing. 

Will this work for me?

If you've read this far, then I know that you're serious but there could be a few thoughts running through your mind. 


Things like...

"I don't have enough time for something else."

The last thing you and I want is something else on our todo list. That's where Jazz Piano School is unique. With years of experience teaching thousands of students in person and online, I KNOW what works for student success.


That's why the entire course has been intentionally structured to help you absorb the content and get you playing jazz piano fast.


And just like James Watson who is actually a composer and doing lots of other things as well, Jazz Piano School is "such a clear, structured and thought out lesson plan." 


He actually has to FIGHT the urge to move on! :)



"How is this different from other online Jazz Piano websites?"

This is truly the ONLY online jazz piano website that gives you a complete, step-by-step educational curriculum to follow.  


The curriculum and materials inside Jazz Piano School aren't based off of a couple of lessons, or a couple of subjects here and there.


It's the accumulation of thousands of hours of schooling, teaching, troubleshooting, testing, and observation of jazz piano success. 


We provide a blueprint that is proven to work over and over again. This is why it is being used in colleges, universities, highschools, studios and homes through out the world. 


And don't forget...I actually used this system myself to teach myself jazz piano freedom and go on to have a fulfilling career as a professional jazz pianist.

"No matter how hard I try and learn I still can't put anything together to play the way I want."

I know you feel frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed by the journey that is jazz piano.


It's not easy!


Trust me when I say this...that's exactly how I felt for the first 10 years of my life.


Learning from the "Traditional Methods" of jazz education.


It's like trying to go through encyclopedia's yourself to learn American History. 


Pretty much near impossible without the right roadmap, plan and structure to order all the information for you. 


Thousands of other students have shared the same frustrations...but what they've found is that after joining Jazz Piano School they actually felt CONFIDENT. 


They knew what to learn and practice for the first time. This gave them momentum to push forward, and keep going on the right path to reach their dream. 

"I don't want this to take years of my life. "

Me either! 


That's why the content in Jazz Piano School is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. 


Everything was developed to follow a perfected sequence of learning so that you can achieve your goal as quickly as possible as long as you're working through the materials. 

"No one will be available to help me if I start and get stuck. "

The best part about Jazz Piano School is we have trained college graduate "Progress Teachers" ALWAYS available to answer any of your questions whenever you want. 


You can ask them anything...at anytime...go ahead and bug us. We LOVE it!


And of course, yours truly is always available to help you as well. :)

"But there is already so much free jazz piano education available on the internet. "

There is! And that's great! 


It's always nice to pick up little nuggets here and there. 


But let me ask you a question...how do you know what to learn first?


And how do you know what to learn second?


And what voicing strategy is right for your level, or what improv elements you should be implementing at this current moment based off of what you've just learned?


You don't, and that's the problem.


You're not the teacher.


You cannot TEACH yourself by watching youtube videos, reading articles and watching movies.


That's why we're here.


To give you a structured, clear, plan that will build your confidence, bring you happiness, and give you all the momentum you need to succeed and achieve your dream. 

So...what would it be worth to you if...

  • In just 3 months from now you were sitting down at any piano of your choosing and spontaneously creating rich, lush, beautiful sounding jazz arrangements from your soul, rather than reading music.

  • You could finally have a valuable and time-leveraged sequential plan that allows you to achieve your jazz piano dream, share your music with your loved ones and strangers, and touch the lives of others.

  • You had 100% confidence in your ability to play in groups, jam sessions, and in front of other people because you no longer feel embarrassed, inadequate, and doubtful that people won't enjoy your playing.

  • You had every step (and I mean EVERY step) in the jazz piano process clearly laid out for you so that you never have to face the dreaded questions of "what do I do next?"...and instead could put your energy and focus into the task at hand. 

  • You could open up to any of your favorite jazz tunes and create amazing and beautiful arrangements on the spot without thinking, guessing, stumbling, or getting up from the piano in frustration. 

  • You could spontaneously play burnin' improvised solos over any tune that made you smile as you played and say "Wow! I actually sound fantastic!" 

  • For once you felt happy, TRULY HAPPY, because you were actually able to let your soul express it's OWN SELF through the music of jazz like you've always imagined, instead of copying other people's playing and arrangements. 

  • You FINALLY accomplished your lifelong dream of playing jazz piano like you've always imagined.

That's the opportunity I want to give you today.

“This is by far the best ONLINE jazz piano course I've ever seen.”

Ron Rego, 4 Year Member


Here Are Your Discount Launch Options

Option #1

Lifetime ELITE Access

  • LIFETIME Access To Our 600 +Video Success Path Curriculum

    (Value $4,997)

  • LIFETIME Access To The JPS Lab, including NEW content released every month!

    (Value $1,997)

  • LIFETIME Access To All Current Specialty Courses

    (Value $1,788)

  • LIFETIME Access To All FUTURE Specialty Courses

    (Value Priceless)

  • BONUS #1 - Improv Bootcamp Masterclass

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #2 - Practice Secrets Masterclass & Playbook

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #3 - One FREE Specialty Course of your choice  

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #4 - Unlimited Support from our trained staff. Ask as MUCH as you want! We love it!

    (Value $1,997)

  • BONUS #5 - Personal Assessment

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #6 - Improv Legos (Today Only)

    (Value $497)

Total Value - $13,264

ONE Easy Payment

of $2,997

just $997

67% off our public price of $2,997, SAVE $2,000!

Our Lifetime Memberships Options are being removed permanently after the close of this launch. This is your LAST chance to get LIFETIME access for one payment only!

Option #2

Monthly Access

  • Access To Our 600 +Video Success Path Curriculum

    (Value $4,997)

  • Access To The JPS Lab, including NEW content released every month!

    (Value $1,997)

  • LIFETIME Access To All Current Specialty Courses

    (Value $1,788)

  • LIFETIME Access To All FUTURE Specialty Courses

    (Value Priceless)

  • BONUS #1 - Improv Bootcamp Masterclass

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #2 - Practice Secrets Masterclass & Playbook

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #3 - One FREE Specialty Course of your choice  

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #4 - LIFETIME Support from our trained staff. Ask as MUCH as you want! We love it!

    (Value $1,997)

  • BONUS #5 - Personal Assessment

    (Value $497)

  • BONUS #6 - Improv Legos (Today Only)

    (Value $497)

Total Value - $11,476

Monthly payments 

of $67

just $47

Cancel ANYTIME, no questions, no contract, no hassle!

(We will be closing Jazz Piano School after this launch.

This is your last time to join right now until we

open back up sometime in the future. )

Your Privacy Is Our Number One Concern. Your information Is Safe!

Have questions or need help ordering? 

Simply click the "Need Help?" button in the lower right hand part of the screen. 


At Jazz Piano School we have a FULL, 30-day money back guarantee. Our only mission is to help you achieve jazz piano freedom so if you are unsatisfied or unhappy in anyway, shape, or form, simply let us know and we will FULLY refund all of your money, no questions asked. 

P.S. - This is our absolute BEST offer. This a customized package just for YOU to inspire you to take action, achieve jazz piano freedom, enrich your soul with happiness, and invest in the gift of music which will reward you forever. After the countdown timer at the bottom of this page runs out. This offer is gone!


You will not find this special, one-time offer anywhere on Jazz Piano School or ever again. So take action now and invest in a lifetime of happiness through music. I promise, it'll be the best decision you've ever made. 

Why you need to start


Incredible changes BEYOND the act of playing piano started

happening to me after learning jazz piano freedom. 


Here's what will happen to you...

  • Your frustrations, doubts, and unhappiness will melt away. You'll feel secure, confident and finally happy!

  • You will be able to fill all the education gaps you have in your playing and correct your limitations which will allow you to finally see your TRUE potential at this wonderful music. 

  • You will feel motivated, inspired, and excited to sit down and play every moment of the day!

  • You will finally understand how the different concepts of jazz work together to create the beautiful sound you've always been looking to play on your own. 

  • You will be able to play music with OTHER PEOPLE; in a band or just for fun.

  • You will be able to sit down and freely express yourself without music!

  • You will fall in love with music and jazz all over again.

  • Your stress levels will fall drastically, and you'll have true, inner happiness through musical self expression.

  • You will be able to touch, and move the lives of others through YOUR gift of music which will in turn effect others all over the world!

Do you see? This is an investment that will reward you for the

rest of your life.


The time to take advantage of this is TODAY. Right here. Right now.



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