4 Must Know Reharm Strategies

The 4 most crucial reharms every beginner must know in order to learn how to reharm tunes, melodies, and changes like a pro!

What's Inside "4 Must Know Reharm Strategies"?

Build The Perfect Foundation

  • Learn exactly how reharms are created and integrated into changes and tunes. 
  • Learn the theory behind why reharms work in certain situations and when they don't.
  • Learn how to combine 1, 2,3 and yes 4 reharms all at once to get an incredible sound from any basic progression. 

Master All The Essential Reharm Elements

  • Learn exactly what to practice in order to improve your reharm skills so you can implement them fast and easily at any time.
  • Use all of our practice exercises to ensure you know exactly what specific voicings and notes to play no matter what reharm you're using. 

Follow A Step-By-Step Plan

  • Use an easy to follow step by step plan to learn and integrate all 4 of our essential reharms.
  • Have a clear road map and direction to add on more advanced reharms we teach in the future. 
  • Feel confident about following a systematic plan to actually learn how you can reharm WHENEVER you want instead of copying transcriptions that have reharms in them. 

Follow A Systematic Plan To Quickly Learn And Implement All The Necessary Beginner Voicings In As Little As 2 Hours...

Why does everything sound so bland?!


How do I get a cooler sound in my playing? 


Why don't I sound like the recordings I listen to?


Unfortunately these are the usual questions I had and know all of my students have as well.


I hear 99% of all jazz piano students ask these questions at some point in their journey...but they're not wrong to ask.


How do you get the jazzier sounds in your playing?


One word...




Most of the time this word conjures ghostly images in the mind. 


You know it exists but executing reharms in tunes seems completely out of reach. 


And unfortunately there is not much advice on how to get started.


How do we actually practice reharms so that we can implement them into tunes and change progressions to make them our own?


No one is saying "'ll need a screwdriver, a hammer, a wrench..."


It's usually more along the lines of ... "Okay, watch me play this complicated version of a tune...see how I reharmed it there? Now you try!"




Thankfully that USED to be the case.


That's because we created The 4 Must Know Reharms to help all beginners learn all the essential reharms you'll need to completely transform any progression or tune you want.


...but even better...will have a plan that will allow you to continue to use these reharms for life and IMPROVE them as you get better.


It's a plan that keeps on giving! 


How did we know what to create?


Because all of us at Jazz Piano School have had the exact same problems and frustrations as you!


We've been in the same exact spot.


Guessing...doubting...copying...not having complete freedom when playing a tune and always questioning what we're doing.


Fortunately for us, and thousands of others, we developed a lesson that finally teaches you reharm strategies you need to play jazz piano, without guessing, searching for answers, or wanting to quit every other week.


Really...with this framework, you'll finally have a solid foundation to build off...there is nothing stopping you from reaching your true potential at reharmonization. 


The good news is that it's actually easier than you think to get started...

That's Why We Created 4 Must Know Reharm Strategies​

( that you UNDERSTAND what you're learning, instead of copying everything like a brain dead zombie)

This is a proven Mini-Course to help you quickly build a foundation for all the essential jazz reharms you'll need to use on any progression you want, as well as show you exactly how to practice the reharms and implement them into tunes.


...But even more importantly, learn how to take these reharms and make them your own so that you're constantly improving them over the rest of your learning career.


Why would you want do do that?




Most jazz education is a copy play method. This only teaches you ONE thing, and that's it. It cannot continue to give back to you as you improve.


Once you learn it, you're done, then it's on to more searching and guessing for the NEXT thing.


See, at Jazz Piano School, we do the exact opposite.


We build your jazz voicing foundation from the ground up with an exact blueprint for you to follow.


This will allow you to understand the necessary voicings needed for jazz piano and get away from copying and reading.


You'll be creating your OWN jazz music.


...and that's why the 4 Must Know Reharms™ Mini Course is so important.


This Mini-Course gives you a clear picture of exactly how reharms work and teaches you all the essential reharms you'll need to start developing a plan of attack for all jazz standards and/or progressions.


Whether you're just starting out and want a foundation...or you've been hacking away for years with no real progress...this Mini Course is for you.

What is a Mini-Course?

There are 3 things that make a "Mini-Course" different than anything else we offer at Jazz Piano School.

Best Of The Best

Rapid Consumption

Limited Availability

Best Of The Best...All Put Together

Mini-Courses bring you Jazz Piano School's most efficient, innovative, and organized tools and actionable content, collected from our best-selling Specialty Courses, most popular parts of our 600 video Main Course Curriculum, and brilliant minds of the educators we have on staff.


All in one place. It's like Cliffs Notes for jazz pianists. 


Rapid Education Consumption

I think we can all agree-these days we all hate fluff. 


We all want the quick, to the point, info delivered to us in simple, fast steps. That's exactly why we've distilled all the tasty little tidbits you actually need to speed consumption, implementation and results while playing. 


Limited Availability

This is an easy one. Because of the significant discount you're getting on this particular Mini-Course, (85% off to be exact) we can only offer this for 3 days. 


But don't worry, when you purchase this special offer within the 3 day time frame you will have access FOR LIFE. After that this Mini-Course gets locked up in our special vault where it belongs. 


If this page is still active then you still have a chance, but hurry time is running out quickly...


What You'll Learn

What Are Reharms

Reharms can be mystical. How do you use them? When do you use them? In this mini-course will debunk and teach you everything you need to know about the 4 foundational reharms in jazz piano. 

How To Implement Reharms

Generally it's not enough to just learn a skill, we need to know how to practice implementing that skill. With our strategies and methods you'll learn exactly how to take the knowledge you've learned and effectively put it into action. 

How To Practice Reharms Accurately

Use all of our practice exercises to ensure you've mastered the 4 Must Know Reharms so you can quickly execute them without having to think, guess, or stumble...that way you can freely express yourself. 

When & Why To Use Reharms

Too much of anything can be bad. Will show you exactly when, where and how to use these reharms so you know your limits when reharming progressions within tunes. Remember...these are powerful tools!

How To Express Your Own Voice With Reharms

Reharms will give you the ability to re-imagine any jazz sound. You'll be able to use these reharms for powerful self expression based on what YOU want to hear. Whatever you hear in your'll now be able to create. 

“This is by far the BEST ONLINE jazz piano course I've ever seen.”

Ron Rego, 4 Year Member

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - What is a Mini-Course?

ANSWER: It's not quite a complete full curriculum and it's definitely not just and ordinary youtube lesson.


...a Jazz Piano School Mini-Course is a bite-sized chunk of information containing the exact steps you need to master a specific jazz piano topic! 


Here's how it works:

In the last 24 months my team and I have:

  • Taught over 3,495 jazz piano students with amazing results

  • Tested thousands of different teaching methods and angles to see which ones had the best results with the students.

  • Received and answered thousands of questions regarding student stumbling blocks and how to break through and make progress

...and all through Jazz Piano School.


And along the way we have perfected a large number of jazz piano strategies and tactics. More importantly, like any good scientist, we DOCUMENTED each strategy in a step-by-step "Mini-Course" so our best & most successful teaching methods could be repeated and used by students all over the world.


They're all meat and no fluff. If you want backstory and hypothesis you can read a blog post or watch a Youtube lesson. Mini-Courses are all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible.

#2 - Is there a guarantee?

.ANSWER: Yep...all of our training's have a 30-day, no-questions asked guarantee.


In other words, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.


You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

#3 - Why just $7 bucks?

ANSWER: If you're thinking "$7 is cheap...what's the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:


1. $7 puts this information within the reach of everyone...from beginning jazz piano hobbyists to highschool & college level students and even advanced gigging players. (And at $7, you shouldn't have to get approval from someone and won't break your bank considering most coffee's these days are about $5.)


2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We're dedicated to the high quality teaching we offer and we only want serious jazz pianist enthusiasts who take action, and in our experience, charging anything...even if it's just a buck...gets rid of 99% of the jokers.


3. We wanted to offer some sort of discount on the Mini-Courses which are usually $47 each.


You're obviously interested, so why not make it easy for you to take the extra learning step now by helping you out and offering you an 85% off discount.


We also believe that once you experience this Mini-Course, you'll want more and maybe...just'll come back and upgrade to JPS Lab where you get access to our complete Mini-Course Library.

But that's it...


No fine "hidden trials"... no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

#4 - How long will it take to get access?

.ANSWER: Immediate.  


You'll be able to create your account to access your newly purchased Mini-Course after your order is complete. You'll have access to the Mini-Course forever.


The 4 Must Know Reharm




(85% off our regular price of $47 dollars)


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